12 Ways to Create the Perfect Nautical Decor Bathroom

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Are you dreaming of bringing the ocean’s charm into your home? Collaborating with an interior design company can help you create a stunning nautical decor bathroom, a relaxing and refreshing space that reminds you of the sea. Whether you live near the coast or not, you can easily achieve this look with some simple tips and tricks. In this blog, we will share 12 ways to create the perfect nautical decor bathroom for your home, with additional insights on how an interior design company can further elevate your vision.

1. Choose a color scheme (or seek guidance from an interior design company)

The first step is to choose a color scheme that reflects the ocean, you can also consult as interior design firm for this purpose. You may want to  go for the classic blue and white combination, then add pops of red, yellow, or green for a lively look, or use shades of beige, gray, or brown for a more neutral feel. Whichever colors you choose, ensure they are consistent and harmonious throughout your bathroom.

2. Embrace nautical accessories

One of the easiest ways to add nautical flair is with nautical accessories. Find items with maritime themes like anchors, ropes, boats, shells, starfish, fish, lighthouses, etc. Use them as wall art, towels, rugs, soap dishes, shower curtains, or even DIY your own! Paint mason jars with stripes and fill them with sand and shells, or make a wreath with rope and seashells.

3. Add plants for a touch of the seaside

Incorporate plants that evoke the seaside, such as ferns, orchids, or succulents, which thrive in humid environments. Alternatively, use realistic artificial plants that require no maintenance. Plants add freshness, greenery, purify the air, and reduce stress.

4. Install a ship wheel mirror

A ship wheel mirror is a beautiful focal point. You can consider a custom design wheel mirror from an interior design company. It adds character, charm, and reflecting light to make your bathroom appear larger. Find one online, at a thrift store, or create your own by attaching a round mirror to a wooden wheel. Customize it further by painting or staining the wheel to match your color scheme.

5. Utilize a wooden ladder for versatility and function

A wooden ladder is a versatile and functional piece for a nautical bathroom. Use it as a towel rack, shelf, or storage unit. Decorate it with lanterns, ropes, or baskets for a rustic and cozy vibe. It also saves space and keeps items organized.

6. Hang a rope shelf for creativity and storage

Create a nautical ambiance with a rope shelf. Drill holes in a wooden plank, thread some rope through them, and hang it on the wall with hooks or nails. Use it to display nautical accessories like candles, jars, or frames. This adds texture, interest, and extra storage space.

7. Go Bold with a Boat Bathtub 

For a truly stunning bathroom, consider a boat bathtub or consulting an interior design company for it. Shaped like a boat or converted from a boat, it creates a dramatic and unique look while offering a comfortable and relaxing bathing experience. Find one online, at a specialty store, or hire a professional for installation.

8. Add movement and dimension with fish scale tile

Fish scale tile, with its curved shape resembling fish scales, creates a beautiful and elegant look, adding movement and dimension to your walls. Use it for your backsplash, shower, or floor in colors like blue, green, or white to complement your nautical theme.

9. Let in light and character with a porthole window

A porthole window, with its round shape and metal frame resembling a ship’s porthole, adds charm and character while allowing natural light and fresh air. Use it as your main window, a decorative element on the wall, or consider a porthole mirror or clock for a similar effect.

10. Create a nautical touch with a rope towel holder

A rope towel holder is a simple and inexpensive way to add a nautical touch. Wrap some rope around a metal or wooden rod and secure it with glue or knots. Hang the rod on the wall with brackets or hooks. Use it for your towels or as a shower curtain rod.

11. Make a statement with nautical wallpaper

For a bold and fun look with added color and personality, consider nautical wallpaper featuring stripes, anchors, waves, or other nautical patterns. Use it for an entire wall or an accent wall. Opt for removable wallpaper for easy application and removal if you desire a future change.

12. Tie your nautical theme together with a nautical rug

Add warmth, comfort, and tie your nautical theme together with a nautical rug featuring a compass, map, sailboat, or other nautical motif. Use it for your floor, sink mat, or bathtub mat. Choose a durable and water-resistant material like cotton, jute, or sisal.


From choosing a color scheme to adding the finishing touches with a nautical rug, these 12 tips and tricks will help you create a beautiful and relaxing nautical bathroom. While achieving this look is possible on your own, collaborating with an interior design company in Lahore can elevate your vision even further. Their expertise can help you source unique decor, develop a cohesive plan, and navigate any renovation complexities, ensuring your dream nautical bathroom becomes a reality that exceeds your expectations.

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