Understanding Property Measurement Units in Pakistan for Plot Size Conversions

Property Measurements Units in Pakistan

The Real Estate industry in Pakistan is unique with different regions using diverse units of measurement and plot size conversions. This at times may cause confusion for architects who move from one city to another or are used to using one system instead of another. Which means understanding these units of measurement in Pakistan is essential for anyone involved in the construction industry. This blog gives a complete reference to the different property measurement units and their conversions, such as square feet to marla, square feet to square meters, and square feet to square yards.

Plot size conversions are critical in the construction of residential and commercial properties. So, if you are a home buyer, seller, an architect or an interior designer, understanding the units of measurement is vital. Let’s look at some of the common property measuring units and also how they are converted.

Property measuring units used in Pakistan

Square Feet: Square feet (sq ft) is a widely used unit of measurement in the industry. To convert square feet to marla, square meters, or square yards, you can utilize the conversion formulas and ratios specific to each unit.

Square Meters: Square meters (m²) are another commonly used unit for measuring property areas in Pakistan. If you need to convert square meters to marla, square feet, or square yards, ensure you apply the appropriate conversion ratios to obtain precise measurements. For example, 1 Marla = (25.2 Sq. m.)

Square Yards: Square yards (Gazz) are widely used for property measurement, particularly in clothing markets. To convert square yards to marla, square feet, or square meters, employ the relevant conversion formula, for instance to convert the square yards into marla you divide the area value by 30.25.

Marla: Marla is a unique unit of measurement extensively used in Pakistan. To convert marla to square feet, square meters, or square yards, you can employ the appropriate conversion formulas and ratios for accurate calculations. The conversion from marla to other units is crucial when determining the size and area of a plot.

Kanal: Kanal is an area measurement unit commonly used in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. In order to better understand this term, 20 marlas are equivalent to one kanal.

Acres: Acres are mainly utilized in the UK and the US. Moreover, one acre is equivalent to 4,840 square yards or 4,047 square meters.

Murabba: Murabba is a unique unit of measurement that defines a specified dimension rather than a specific area. It is approximately equal to 25 acres of land and has been in use even before the British Raj.

Hectares: At times, people confuse a hectare with acres. However, it is essential to recognize that these are two separate units of measurement. A hectare represents a square with sides measuring 100 meters, whereas one hectare is roughly equivalent to 2.5 acres

Plot Size Conversion: Marla to Other Units

In addition we have compiled a list below to facilitate your understanding of plot size conversions:

MarlaKanalSquare Feet (Sq. ft.)Square Meter (Sq. m.)Square Yard (Sq. yd. / Gazz)
1 Marla0.05 Kanal225 Sq. ft.25 Sq. yd.21 Sq. m.
2 Marla0.1 Kanal450 Sq. ft.50 Sq. yd.42 Sq. m.
3 Marla0.15 Kanal675 Sq. ft.75 Sq. yd.63 Sq. m.
4 Marla0.2 Kanal900 Sq. ft.100 Sq. yd.84 Sq. m.
5 Marla0.25 Kanal1125 Sq. ft.125 Sq. yd.105 Sq. m.
6 Marla0.3 Kanal1350 Sq. ft.150 Sq. yd.126 Sq. m.
7 Marla0.35 Kanal1575 Sq. ft.175 Sq. yd.147 Sq. m.
8 Marla0.4 Kanal1800 Sq. ft.200 Sq. yd.168 Sq. m.
9 Marla0.45 Kanal2025 Sq. ft.225 Sq. yd.189 Sq. m.
10 Marla0.5 Kanal2250 Sq. ft.250 Sq. yd.210 Sq. m.
11 Marla0.55 Kanal2475 Sq. ft.275 Sq. yd.231 Sq. m.
12 Marla0.6 Kanal2700 Sq. ft.300 Sq. yd.252 Sq. m.
13 Marla0.65 Kanal2925 Sq. ft.325 Sq. yd.273 Sq. m.
14 Marla0.7 Kanal3150 Sq. ft.350 Sq. yd.294 Sq. m.
15 Marla0.75 Kanal3375 Sq. ft.375 Sq. yd.315 Sq. m.
16 Marla0.8 Kanal3600 Sq. ft.400 Sq. yd.336 Sq. m.
17 Marla0.85 Kanal3825 Sq. ft.425 Sq. yd.357 Sq. m.
18 Marla0.9 Kanal4050 Sq. ft.450 Sq. yd.378 Sq. m.
19 Marla0.95 Kanal4275 Sq. ft.475 Sq. yd.399 Sq. m.
20 Marla1 Kanal4500 Sq. ft.500 Sq. yd.420 Sq. m.

Conversion calculators

The best architects in Lahore use accurate conversions between these units because they are vital for effective communication and comprehension. To ensure transparency and understanding, all buyers, sellers, architects, interior designers, and construction professionals in the field must well-verse themselves in these conversions.

Utilizing conversion calculators available online can significantly simplify the process of converting between different property measuring units. These calculators provide convenience and accuracy which will enable you to determine plot sizes efficiently.

Buying or constructing residential or commercial spaces necessitates familiarity with the various units of measurement and their conversions. Furthermore, by mastering the conversions from square feet to marla, square meters, and square yards, individuals will be well-equipped to navigate the dynamic and thriving real estate market in Pakistan.

Lastly, If you need assistance with plot size calculations or have any related queries, you can rely on The B-Studios. Our team of architects and interior designers in Lahore provide valuable guidance and address any questions you may have. Whether you are searching for a plot in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, or anywhere in Pakistan, these conversions will be extremely useful. It allows you to make informed decisions and negotiate deals with confidence.

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